More Time and Money Saving Tips for Busy Folks

We know you’re busy (classwork is only at the top of your mile-long to-do list), and everyone could use a little extra cash these days.

Here are a few tips that’ll save you time and/or money (from Real Simple):

  • Designate a space in your kitchen for “in use” cups to cut down on dirty dishes.
  • Presort your laundry by using more than one basket throughout the week.
  • While cooking, minimize trips to the garbage can by using bowl for veggie straps, etc.
  • Put all of your breakfast smoothie ingredients in the blender the night before, and place pitcher in the refrigerator. All you’ll have to do in the morning is blend and pour!
  • Make a weekly dinner schedule where each person in your household prepares the meal each night. Be sure to consider food allergies, and don’t forget to assign clean-up.

Here are a few titles full of similar tips, tricks, advice, and more:

cover cover cover cover
cover cover cover cover
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