In the Stacks: World Cup 2014

Brazilian footballer Pelé dribbling past a defender, May 1960.
Image via Wikimedia Commons.

Goooooooooaaal! Yep, the World Cup is finally underway in Brazil. If you’re a soccer fan, this means that you’ve waited patiently for the last four years, and now, your time has finally come. Parabéns! As for the rest you, feeling lost? Não se preocupe.

For you soccer-fans-in-training, why not do a little research on the World Cup’s history, traditions, and controversy? Check out the Credo Reference, Encyclopedia Britannica, and World History in Context databases for the lowdown on the showdown.

Then, learn the rules, so you can follow the games:

book cover

The Soccer Book :
The sport, the teams, the tactics, the cups

GV943 .G58 2010 (Grand Strand Campus)

Whether you want to bend it like Beckham or dribble like Ronaldinho, The Soccer Book is the ultimate visual guide-revised and updated with the results of the World Cup 2010-to soccer skills, rules, tactics, and coaching, illustrating every aspect of every variant of the sport more clearly, and in more detail, than any other book has done before.


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