March Trivia Contest: International Women’s History

women's peace party, 1915

Female delegates to the 1915 Women’s Peace Conference in The Hague, aboard the MS Noordam. April 1915. Image via Wikimedia Commons

In celebration of Women’s History Month, the third installment of the HGTC Library’s student trivia contest in 2014 will be based on international women’s history!

Any student who correctly answers all five questions listed on the LibGuide above will be in the running for a monthly prize. The prize for the second round of trivia in 2014 is a bag of goodies that includes a cookbook, an insulated lunch bag, a stylus pen, and more.

The trivia questions can be answered using a variety of sources: books, online library resources, the Internet, etc.

Please send your answers to the trivia questions to no later than 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, April 30, 2014. Good luck and happy searching!

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2 Responses to March Trivia Contest: International Women’s History

  1. Amanda richardson says:

    I am having trouble turning in my answers for the library trivia contest. It wont allow me to with out using Microsoft Outlook 2010, but I don’t have it. Please let me know what to do. My email is
    Thank you,
    Amanda Richardson

    • hgtclibrary says:

      Hi Ashley,

      You can submit your answers to the trivia contest by emailing Rather than clicking the link in this blog entry (which will automatically open Outlook if you have it installed on your computer), copy the address and paste it into an email containing your answers. You can use your HGTC email account or a personal one.

      Hope this helps!

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